May 4, 2012

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Saying YES

Saying YES

Too often in my mind and in our culture, there is more focus on that which we don’t like than that which we do. When I’m hungry and being difficult about it, I can list a dozen foods I don’t care to eat, but have a hard time pinpointing what sounds good. If you hang out in an office or a mall, it doesn’t take long before you’ll over-hear the infamous pity-party; a group of people comparing and one-upping all the things they’d rather not experience as if it was a contest of who is most miserable.

Today, as I journaled, I decided to switch it up a bit, and instead just made a list of what I was saying YES to in my life. It was so powerful and such a great experience, I not only wanted to share it as an exercise for those who like this sorta thing, but I also want to share my list of YES’s. This is copied from my journal just written moments ago. I found it important to continue to write “I SAY YES” every time:

  • I Say Yes to Loving relationships.
  • I Say Yes to a peace- and joy-filled home.
  • I Say Yes to lavish Abundance in my home, my closet, my life, and my bank account.
  • I Say Yes to fun, joy, and freedom.
  • I Say Yes to surrounding myself with uplifting and fun people who accept Me just as I am.
  • I Say Yes to Me, just as I Am.
  • I Say Yes to original musical expression.
  • I Say Yes to my website.
  • I Say Yes to friendships that last.
  • I Say Yes to a happy husband and happy children.
  • I Say Yes to a clean, comfortable home that meets our needs.
  • I Say Yes to vacations.
  • I Say Yes to new avenues of income and expression.
  • I Say Yes to our life working out with ease and grace.
  • I Say Yes to doing what needs to be done with Love.
  • I Say Yes to being a great Mom, Wife, Friend, Teacher, Practitioner, Musician, Singer-songwriter, Innovator, Blogger, Author of books and classes, and whatever else is a part of BEING STARR.
  • I Say Yes to frequent moments of sensuality and passion.
  • I Say Yes to hanging out with other Moms, kids, and families.
  • I Say Yes to being flexible, humble, and aware.
  • I Say Yes to my life!!
  • I Say Yes to being available as a Divine Expression.
  • I Say Yes to making choices which support all of my Yes’s.
  • I Say Yes to asking for support or love when needed, and pushing and loving myself when that is what’s called for.
  • I Say Yes to more consistency in areas of my life I highly value.
  • I Say Yes to playfulness and cuddling.
  • I Say Yes to pro-activity and Inclusivity.
  • I Say Yes to a healthy body.
  • I Say Yes to healthy thoughts, choices, and relationships.
  • I Say Yes to giving and receiving.
  • I Say Yes to creativity.
  • I Say Yes to spontaneity.
  • I Say Yes to Smiling often, even from my liver.
  • I Say Yes to Balance & Beauty, Happiness & Harmony.
  • I Say Yes to compassion toward myself and all others (for there really is no “other”).
  • I Say Yes to releasing behaviors and ideas which no longer serve me.
  • I Say Yes to being gentle with myself and others.
  • I Say Yes to being a part of something greater than myself, both in the human and spiritual realms.
  • I Say Yes to keeping my eyes, mind, and heart open to the possibilities of Life and Love.
  • I Say Yes to deep, healing, mutually rewarding relationships with women.
  • I Say Yes to hugs, and lots of them!
  • I Say Yes to Community.

Obviously I could go on forever! I have a feeling this may become a more regular spiritual practice for me. We can all use practice in saying Yes to that which we want to invite into our lives, and spending less time talking about and thinking about and looking at that which we really don’t want to experience. It is our choice! Saying Yes is like inviting the Universe to light a fire underneath our Good to get it cooking faster. What are you ready to Say Yes to?


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