P1020488Welcome. Among the many websites out there, you have managed to find mine – and I don’t believe in accidents! Now that you’re here, you may wonder, “What is” Well, to sum it up, it is all about…. ME! AND, since we’re all One, that means you, too!!

As you may have guessed, I’m Starr. Starr Sheppard-Decker, to be precise. This whole website is my About Me page and beyond, allowing me to explore and share all of the many facets of myself. I intend to allow my own natural creativity to shine, choosing pictures, posts, ideas, and links to other stuff that resonates with me. I am confident that as I share what is important to me, I’ll spark something inside you, because deep down we’re all connected.

I have no agenda here other than to express me and connect with you! I retain the right to change my mind from moment to moment (as well as my website), and to not have to explain myself (while being allowed to over-explain myself). I have views on the world that tend to be a bit outside of the norm – I like that about me. You may, too, but you don’t have to. If you don’t like what I say, there are plenty of other sites to check out; no need for hate here.

I’m just getting started, so keep checking back as the site evolves. Don’t be afraid to tell me what you think. We could all use a dose of truth, perspective, honestly, and a whole-lotta LOVE. My goal is to be one of those handing out doses freely.

Don’t be afraid to give yourself permission to be the brightest you every day – that is your gift to the world, and we need it!