be the change

While there is some controversy as to whom actually said it, if they said it, and when they said it, I think we all know the quote, “Be the Change you wish/want to see in the world.” This is how I try to live my life.

I believe there is No One Right Way to Live. And yet, as Daniel Quinn does, I believe that there are ways that work and ways that don’t, according to what have in mind. I have in mind a life with lots of loving and joy-filled community; a world that honors the sacred in all things, instead of just a small percentage of humans. In order to move forward to something different, we must be willing to admit that our current way of living life isn’t the only way, and that it isn’t working for a good percentage of people and other beings. Once we admit this to ourselves and others, the next step is to begin moving our actions, thoughts, and creativity toward that which we value.

Don’t like what you see in the world? Start with yourself. Don’t like what happens at work? Change your view of it or start your own business. Don’t like how the world is managed? Manage your own life in a way that works for you. As we each begin to become that which we want to see more of in the world, we add it, and we give others permission to help us make it bigger. As we make our lives a beauty to live and see, we silently encourage others to follow their dreams and give their gifts with an open heart. We get to transform everything, simply by beginning with us. Simply by choosing to fill our lives with whatever it is that makes our heart sing.

So no matter who said it, or in what decade, becoming that which we notice is lacking is the true way to get what we say we want: by being it. Help me create a better world for our children’s children’s children. Not by waiting for our government to do it or corporations to do it or some other country to start it or our boss to do it our our mom to do it. The planet is worthy of our best – help me give it by giving the best of you.