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Performance has been a big part of my life. I began ballet before I was four years old, and had a dance recital that I performed in once a year after that until I was 11 (and the dance studio I attended shut down).  By then I had taken eight years of ballet, four years of jazz, and a year of tap dancing. When I was in Junior High School I tried out for pretty much everything there was from cheer-leading to mascot, but it wasn’t until the end of Freshman year in High School that I made Colorguard. I performed with them my Sophomore year, Junior year, and half my Senior year.

Also, throughout school I was in various plays, but I never really got a major part despite my dedication and enthusiasm. To this day I still speak of my one line in Alice In Wonderland as the rose bud, “I think she’s pretty!”

I began singing in front of people who would listen in HighSchool, and would get asked to sing at parties by my friends; mostly casual and sometimes my originals. I sang accapella when I attended Supercamp as a team leader in 1997 in front of over 100 people. I have sang with various bands in Portland and in my own rock duo StarrVor in the past few years, singing mostly covers from the 90’s, with some good stuff you know thrown in along with a few originals.

Please keep an eye out here for new pages, new projects, and new performances!

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