Oct 9, 2015

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Looking Up to the Stars

Looking Up to the Stars

So many people already awake;
So few looking up to the stars.
Their minds say, “Morning”
And even though the Sun has yet to hit
the Horizon,
They miss looking up and taking in
the Beauty and Magnitude
and Mystery of
It All.

Usually I miss it, too –
My mind’s eye off in some distant land,
Yet to come back to this earthy plane.
By the time my body’s eyes
begin to See,
The stars are left for nightly view.

But Today.
Today a whistling came into my dreams,
And pulled me from slumber’s grasp.
In my dream I held a tiny bird,
trying to keep it safe.
My mind said, “Morning?!”
as I cursed the Darkness
and cleaned my nose.

And then I Saw the Sky.
The crescent moon and shining planet(s?)
caught my eye and I was hooked.
Dragged to the deck.
My desire to be below
Whatever blanket of twinkles left.

Traffic rushed below,
Adding to the strangeness of the moment.
The soft robe comforted meAnd I looked Up.

Child-like awe kicks in again!

And then, of course,  a story –
of those “not looking up.”

But what if I’m wrong?
What if the people out there,
Just before getting in their cars   to start their early day…
What if,
They took just a moment
To look up and really enjoy the sky?
Breathing in the contradiction of
BIG and small.
Letting go of the next task
Even if for just a moment?
Would that permeate their day?
Their Life?
The World?

What if we all just took a breath
In the Darkness
And looked Up?


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