I was kind of raised the opposite of most people in terms of religion/spirituality. My Mom taught me about Karma, Serendipity, and to be responsible for my own feelings (“no one can make you feel!”) at a very young age. These ideas have been a wonderful foundation for my life. Strangely, my Mom then turned born-again Christian when I was about 15, and doesn’t get (along with my Grandparents on her side) why I haven’t confessed Jesus Christ as my savior “yet”. Our difference in religious views keeps her from connecting with me (or at least that is my story about it), and keeps me from being able to feel seen by my Grandparents. It is sad something meant to bring people together has such great potential to also wedge them apart.

I don’t pretend to know the “one right way” – namely because I don’t believe there is only one way to do anything. I do, however, practice spirituality that works very well for me, continues to evolve, and has truly transformed my life. This spirituality is based in Science of Mind, and the mystical arm of all the great religious doctrines.


My Dad took me to my first Religious Science service on Easter of 2002, and I wondered how the minister knew so much about me to write the talk just for my life! 10 years later, I continue to be very involved in my spiritual community. I have spent years taking classes (including specific training), served two terms as the Chair of the Board, I assist with the music and sing in the choir, and am just finishing up my 4th year as a Religious Science Practitioner.

I believe that we are all connected, and this connective tissue is Spirit. We are all so connected that whatever we do to each other, we do to ourselves, and we do to the world. Therefore, I practice treating others as I would treat myself, as well as having compassion for all of the human experience. This is the basis of my spiritual practice… and of my life.