I am a proud Mother of 3 fabulous, brilliant, and unique boys. They are currently 14 (Derek), 13 (Coi), and 9 (Zayne), with my oldest (on the right) about to hit 15 in March! OMG! Derek and Coi spend most of their time in southern Oregon with their dad, but they hang out as much as possible up here when there’s no school.  Zayne, on the other hand, gets to stay home with me (though we’re not always at home) and be homeschooled. As you can see, he’s very excited about it!

Happy New Year!This year in August was my 7 year wedding anniversary with my amazing husband, Adam, and then in November will be 11 years that we’ve lived together. Quite the accomplishments. And, for the icing on the cake, we’re still madly in love! Go figure!

Anniversary at Benihana's







Currently we only have a cat, but our past has been littered with random animals like rats, a bearded dragon, a parakeet, and a  lovebird. Thankfully, the one pet we have left is so cool she makes up for the lack of others. Her name is Aurora – Kitty Aurora, in fact – and she is a blast!

 Zayne and I have fallen in love with a few awesome birds out in the world, including a sweet umbrella cockatoo named Moon. He currently lives at the Bird Hut in Portland. I would love a baby Rose-Breasted cockatoo, but that will have to wait for another time in my life!

Well, that is my family! Of course, I have lots of other family, most of them personally added rather than blood related. They tend to be the best kind. You know who you are, and you are deeply appreciated and loved!