Oct 25, 2012

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One’s “Ick” Is Ano...

One’s “Ick” Is Another’s “Art”

As our world faces some very real choices in moving forward as a species, I wonder if each of us are willing on an individual basis to look at where we have judged “ick.” Are we willing to shift to an “art” perspective? And, if not, are we at least willing to “accept” that our point of view isn’t the only valid one? I believe that as we do this, we are participating in healing the entire planet, starting with ourselves. To me, that is the ultimate “Art.”

Sep 26, 2012

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Feeling Bad for Feeling Good?!

Feeling Bad for Feeling Good?!

here I am, in the middle of this awesome life. And yet, even as I type, there is this ingrained part of me that says I can’t feel all the way good about all of my good. Or that somehow by proclaiming my gratitude for all of this goodness, that I am “rubbing it in” for those who may not be experiencing as much good right now. What kind of crap is that?!