Mar 16, 2014

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The Quest for The One Right Way

The Quest for The One Right Way

Inspired by the writings of Daniel Quinn


In a world that unconsciously agrees that there is One Right Way for all humans to live, each individual has a tendency to take on this viewpoint in their own unique way. It can effect everything they do, say, and even feel or think they want.

In a group that thinks they have the One Right Way, the people within that group might cling to this story with all their might; even be willing to die to defend it.

In our own search for the One Right Way, we may become righteous, believing we have found The Way that is superior to all other ways.

In our attempt to find the One Right Way, we may justify competition, cheating, or comparing ourselves to others in a manner that brings us or them down rather than up.

If we believe there is One Right Way – if we could only find it – then we might do anything in search for it. We might destroy people and lands, even our own freedom, in an attempt to locate that which we deem to be our savior: The knowledge of The One Right Way To Live.

If we’re convinced there is One Right Way for humans to get food and shelter, we may create arbitrary laws limiting the behavior of other people, even to the point of torture, death, and complete annihilation of their way of life.

For those who have been raised in a culture that believes it is The One Right Way, it may be hard to allow other points of view to stand on their own, especially when not understood. It may be natural to fall into judgment of those who choose to live differently, or to fall into defensiveness when questioned.

In a culture that grips tightly to their One Right Way, the people may feel both inner and outer pressure to conform to rules or rituals that are in direct opposition to the heart’s desire or the soul’s truth. Especially if the One Right Way excludes species, individuals, and ecosystems; the people may feel a great yearning for a way of life that includes no harm done in the sake of the One Right Way.

If we have been raised in a system that believes it has found the One Right Way to live, we may have a difficult time believing that humans have indeed lived successfully any other way. We may have a difficult time imagining there is any other way for humans to get their basic needs met and still be satisfied. In our attempt to change, we may just unknowingly create more of the same.

If we are part of a people who agrees our way is The One Right Way, we may have a history of attempting to wipe out any voices that speak otherwise, whether they come from individuals or entire groups of people. Violence becomes easier to swallow when it is under the guise of making sure no one threatens The One Right Way.

When people have been raised by the One Right Way, it can be a challenge for them to admit this to themselves or others. They may believe that they are changing, when in fact they are just switching out which One Right Way they subscribe to for another – this is not the same as allowing all ways to have their place.

If a planet has subscribed to One Right Way thinking, it may look at One Way of life yet see many; the different flavors and colors encourage the individuals to see differences, but they may be blind to the vast similarity of the whole. For example, if you want to know if you belong to our culture, look and see if the food is under lock & key. Much to our disbelief, this is not the One Right Way.

If we believe in only One Right Way, we may be more interested in being Right than being Happy.

If we grip tightly to our One Right Way, we might have difficulty hearing about world events, for they may push up against the One Way we think all people should be.

In our search for The One Right Way, we may justify harm to others, betrayal, or disrespect as part of the quest. We may forget that we are all in this together, for we might have a tendency to make teams in our minds: those who know and serve the One Right Way, and those who don’t.

If a culture believes its way is the One Right Way, it may need to set up systems of people who maintain the One Right Way, argue the One Right Way, and punish those who fail to uphold the One Right Way.

In a world where the One Right Way is fought for, war means annihilation – it means to bend others from their One Right Way to This One Right Way. Any who believe in a different way may be dealt with accordingly, for there isn’t room for Two Right Ways.

Individuals who have been raised in a culture of the One Right Way may wake up one day and feel like they’ve been lied to, though they can’t quite grasp the lie. They may regret choices or sacrifices they have made, falsely believing it would help them in their quest for knowing the One Right Way.

In cultures that rely heavily on One Right Way thinking to manage large groups of people, suicide may be rampant, due to masses not feeling like they could ever live-up to The One Right Way.

If a world is in constant search for the One Right Way, power may become corrupt, and individual lives meaningless to those who control the resources. The One Right Way may become the ultimate goal, leaving behind the importance of nurturing, love, healthy communities & healthy ecosystems.

If a person subconsciously agrees that there is One Right Way for all to live, they will have little resistance to being a part of systems of punishment, judgment, and separation. These will all be justified in the service to the quest for the One Right Way.

If a revolution is focused on switching from One Right Way to another One Right Way, it might be briefly effective at “change,” but may not have any lasting results as far as control or power distribution. Often, One Right Way leaders may just get replaced with new One Right Way leaders, unknowingly (or knowingly) upholding the One Right Way mentality.

In the mind of a person brought up in a One Right Way society, they may have a hard time reading all of this and not saying to themselves, “Ya, so, what other way is there?” This is evidence of being immersed in a One Right Way world, and having One Right Way thinking, which the individual’s ego/personality may want to deny in order to remain more comfortable.

If a One Right Way society began to actually fathom other ways of life, its own attachment to the One Right Way may begin to disintegrate, beginning within the hearts and minds of each individual. This may result in systems based in Inclusivity: the inclusion of all species, and all ways of life.



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