Oct 23, 2013

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Dr. Sharif Abdullah

Dr. Sharif Abdullah

Around 2005 or 2006, when our spiritual center was renting a space at the Oregon Convention Center for Sunday service, we teamed up with a couple other New Thought centers in the area, and Sharif provided a series of workshops called, Creating a World That Works for All. I was immediately attracted to this idea, and got a lot out of the book with the same title. Soon after I volunteered to be the person in charge of Commonway‘s database, and assisted Sharif with this and other tasks for years, as well as continuing to attend his workshops and meetings. Mostly, I thank Sharif for aiding me in my issues with anger, for before coming across his work I had a lot of unresolved fury at the world for being how it was, and the assumed “others” who had “made” it this way. Now I see that we all create these systems with our participation, and only by focusing on that which we want will we be available to knowing how to bring it about.

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