Dec 12, 2013

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Grandma Chonga’s Salsa-Que

Grandma Chonga’s Salsa-Que

So, I’d like to begin by saying that I am not a trained food critic, I just happen to be a picky eater (which is another topic entirely), and get bored easily. My taste for things change over time, and I have gone from being a medium cheddar fan to considering extra cheddar the “lowest” I’ll go on the cheese scale, and from drinking Budweiser to only drinking the hoppiest of IPA’s (just to name a few). Always on the lookout for something new and delicious, I must say thank you to Market of Choice (review of the West Linn location coming soon) for allowing me the opportunity to taste Grandma Chonga’s products while chatting with the maker of them last month. Without this, I probably would have never picked up a jar of what has now become a house staple!

Grandma Chonga's Salsas

When my husband and I tasted the Grandma Chonga’s salsas last month, we enjoyed them all (we didn’t try the really spicy one), but our eyes especially widened for Salsa-Que. It was that moment where we both looked at each other and beamed, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” We fell in love at first taste, and I began thinking of ways to use it. Here is what we have tried so far, all with mouth-watering success:

  • Over the top of wild salmon (baked in a foil pouch)
  • Wild salmon cooked in butter with garlic and a few large spoonfuls mixed in (pan fry)
  • As a marinade for free-range organic chicken breasts (baked)
  • Poured over the top of a block of softened cream cheese then spread it on corn chips – both regular and blue *this was incredible!!!
  • Mixed with a diced avocado and used as a dip
  • With tacos, burritos, or egg burritos
  • Any other way you would use regular salsa

If you feel like giving it a try click here for locations. I am no master chef, and would love to hear some of your ideas – please share in the comments below. If you end up trying one of the recipes from their site (you’ll need to use the drop-down menu), let us know how it went! I may just make a Grandma Chonga’s Lover out of you yet.

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  1. My family & I are thrilled at your praises of my Grandmother’s salsas. Thank you so much for the support & for taking the time to share with others. We love the food pairing suggestions…..Yummy!
    Thank you again, for sharing the Chonga love!

    Very Appreciative,
    Kipperlyn Sinclair
    Grandma Chonga’s Salsa

  2. Suzi Farmer says:

    Salsa, yum! Que, eew! (What is a “picky eater”?)

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