Sep 29, 2013

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Imagining Better

Imagining Better

This morning I awoke feeling rested and at peace. There is an inner knowing that all is well, I am right where I should be, and that good and more good is already mine. Now, don’t get me wrong – I love my life. I have great relationships with my family and friends, a great community I consider myself an important part of, and lots of talents and skills that will continue to serve me and my planet well. I do, however, know that there is always more good to experience. That since the Universe is infinite, then so can my experience of it and its good be. So in my spiritual practice today, instead of a specific meditation, prayer or reading, I simply allowed myself to be immersed in this creation of mine, and especially to feel the feelings associated with this bigger, even better life of my not-so-distant future.

Now, this part in my blog post would be the perfect place to tell you all about it, allowing my writing skills to flow with creative descriptions of this amazing life I lived 30 minutes of this morning in the darkness of pre-dawn. But I am not going to do that. To do that would be to diminish the dream; to dillute its power in becoming. Because what if you don’t believe in my dream? What if you think it is crap? What if you are still stuck in fear, limited thinking, or envy? I truly believe there is only One Mind, and that we are all in a soup of consciousness that we share. Therefore, how you view my life can effect it, but only if some part of me allows it to. And my own amazing dream of a better and bigger life isn’t solid yet. I still have my own fears and worries about “how” and “when,” etc. My fear would love some company, but it is not going to get it!

Today I hold my dream in my own heart. I imagine an amazing life with tons of love and lots of other bits that are of importance to me and maybe even to the people close to me. A life where I do what I love, and it assists in making the whole world a better place. And instead of getting attention and praise for being able to dream this dream and describe this dream, I’m just going to create it as my reality. Then, by the time I have it, I’ll no longer crave the attention or praise; for I’ll have already realized that I’ve always been and always will be enough.

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