Dec 13, 2013

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The Mystery Gallery

The Mystery Gallery

Especially with the Holiday Season in full force, I must mention my favorite place to buy stuff for myself and others: The Mystery Gallery in Milwaukie, OR! I have been shopping there for nearly 7 years, & continue to enjoy talking with the owners as I pick up gifts for others or a little something for me (the rock tray is my collection!). Their focus is rocks & gems, though they hardly stop there. From alter items to clothing to vitamins and singing bowls, I could take up way too much time listing the types of items you could find at The Mystery Gallery. What I will say, is set aside some money and some time before entering!

Located on the corner of SE McLoughlin Blvd & Holly St in the Oak Grove area of Milwaukie, they feature a sweet mural on the side of their building and a really tall sign that says rocks – hard to miss!


Most of the items on my altar I have collected over the years from my visits here (I would show you a picture, but it has asked to not be shared on the Internet). I have a number of rocks and crystals as well as knickknacks, and lots of jewelry. One of the items I get the most complements on are my spiral earrings (I have them in five colors)!


Plus, for those reading in December of 2013, I got an email from them today announcing:

Holiday Season Hours
Now in Effect
Everyday 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Christmas Eve
Open 10:00 AM to Midnight
So if you live in the Portland area, get your butt down to 13750 Se McLoughlin Blvd to The Mystery Gallery! Whether you are shopping for the holidays or just want a little something for yourself or a friend, they have a great selection, killer prices, and incredible owners. Support local business by shopping here and spreading the word! Feel free to share below your favorite buys!

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