Jan 19, 2012

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a site just for me?

a site just for me?

Wow. I can’t believe it. I’ve thought about it and had people tell me to for years, and now…

I finally have my own website! Woohoo!

I know, I’m a little behind. But I’ve been busy, ok?

Anyway, I’m just getting started, so be patient. I might screw up a few times, but I know I’ll get the hang of it. So check back and see what’s to come of meStarr.com, the site all about me: Starr!

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  1. Rev. Larry King says:

    Lovely website, Starr. Can’t wait to see how it grows with time.
    LOVE that phone of the ocean. Looks familiar, somehow.



  2. Hey congrats Starr!! I have watched you totally blossom these last years and you continue to grow. I am so proud to know you!!
    Keep it up girl. Hugs Pamela

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