Jun 18, 2012

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Compassionate Boundaries

Compassionate Boundaries
Along the path it seems
Like I have lost so many things.
But in a certain way,
I want everything to stay;
As if somehow its wrong
For life to move along.
But one thing that I know
Is that Life, it shifts and grows.
Life's always changing me - 
And who is in my company.
Some take more than give,
Or judge the way I live.
Then I get to choose
which friends to keep or lose;
'Cause I love me enough
To go for bigger stuff,
And keep people around 
Who'd never tear me down.


So to all those I've left behind,
I send love of every kind
And hope that they will some day see
They they create their misery.
I no longer let in my life
Those who choose to stay in strife.
I now create and maintain space
For fostering more ease and grace.
I'm still learning - this I know;
Yet the more I practice, the more its So.
And if you think you get the gist,
Perhaps I'll add you to my list
Of those I wish to keep close by
As each of us re-learns to fly.

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