Oct 23, 2013

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Daniel Quinn

Daniel Quinn

I had been unknowingly hungry my whole life for the information and unique perspective Quinn presented first in Ishmael, then in his other books. When I read it on August 14th, 2001, it was like I was awakened from a deep sleep which I had put myself into to hide from the pain of seeing. I highly recommend Quinn’s work to anyone and everyone. Without it we may very well recreate the same mess without even knowing what we are doing. The Story of B is by far my all-time favorite book. I wouldn’t be on the path I am now if Quinn hadn’t helped me clear a few things up first. He is the only person I am adding to this list that I have not had a lot of personal contact with (I have met him a couple of times at Powell’s Books…), and it is because of this major impact on my life that you find him here.

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