Oct 23, 2013

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Rev. Sharon Foley

The second class I took in metaphysics was taught by, then Practitioner, Sharon, which is ironically my Mom’s name (who doesn’t speak to me). Before the class began, I didn’t know what to think of her, but within 10 minutes of the first class with her as teacher it clicked that her and I have some major stuff in common. Since then she has been my teacher in other classes as well asĀ  2 years of Practitioner training, been a huge part of making the women’s retreat I attend deep and transformative, been someone I see for sessions, and has become a mother-of-sorts to me, as well as a dear friend. It has been huge for me to have someone around the last near-decade of my life that I can ask for tools, support, acceptance and love. Sharon continues to be a model for me on how to say yes to big things.

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